Metal Finish Supply, Inc.

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

I currently purchase from one of your distributors. Can I buy direct from you and receive a better price?

We have the same pricing structure as our distributors. There is less cost to you at a local distributor since you will save the shipping charge.

There is no distributor in my area. May I buy direct from you?

Yes, we sell direct to customers in areas not covered by a distributor.

I produce artwork, furniture, etc. as a hobby and do not own a business. There is no distributor located nearby. May I purchase direct from you?

Yes, we sell to anyone that would like to use our products.

I am interested in becoming a distributor. What do I do next? What are the requirements to become a distributor?

Because we manufacture several different types of products, and markets differ from local to local, we have several structures available for distributorships. Contact us by phone at 520-628-7600 and ask for Tom Price to discuss what may be best for your operation and market.

Who uses your products?

Our Metallic Glazes, Patinas for Copper, Steel Finishes and Ornamental Rust Finishes are completely different types of products.. As a result, each user finds unique uses for the various products. Our customer list currently includes manufactures of hardware, doors, furniture, lamps and lighting, signage, wrought iron products, jewelers, metal artists, theater set designers, architects, faux finishers, and sculptors, to name a few. We are happy to field your call, discuss your projects and help steer you toward the product that best suits your needs.

How long after I order does it take to receive my products?

All orders are shipped within 24 hours via UPS ground, unless there is a delay for prepayment.

I have a large operation and have concerns regarding the difficulties encountered when introducing a new finish. What kind of support do you offer in that area?

We have unlimited support by phone, fax or email. In addition, we can travel to your location to assist with the set up of your finish line and training of your key personnel. 


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