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Metal Finish Supply's line of steel finishes, patinas for copper, metallic glazes, and EasyRust™ ornamental rust finishes are cost effective, user friendly solutions to your finishing requirements. We manufacture patina solutions for copper, brass and bronze, steel finishing solutions such as EasyPlate™ and EasyBlue™ for both cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel, and faux finish metallic glazes that tarnish naturally and will also patina. Manufacturers of hardware, furniture, lighting, wrought iron and cast iron items, sculptors, artists, anyone who uses metal or requires a metallic finish will find our products exciting and easy to use. Whether you are a large manufacturer, a budding artist or somewhere in between, our line of products will create the perfect finishing touch. To view our various products and their applications simply click on the appropriate link to your right. For more photos or ideas on how to use our products click on the Gallery link at the bottom of any page.


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