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Antique Pewter


Antique Pewter will darken steel, steel alloys, "pot" metal, some brass and many other metals to various shades of pewter gray. Antique Pewter is primarily used to give metal parts an aged, antique appearance. This product may be used as a spray, but the best method of application is immersion. The longer a part is left in the solution, the darker it will become. Most users opt to quick dry the darkened parts and then burnish them before sealing. This process will brighten the high spots and leave the recesses darkened. The result is a natural looking aged, pewter-like finish. If the darkened part is allowed to air dry and rust, differing shades of green rust will form. This can produce interesting and attractive finishes, so experimentation is worthwhile. Antique Pewter will also darken parts plated with our EasyPlate™ or EasyRust™ solutions. Different effects are produced on different types of metal as not all metals will react in the same fashion.

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