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Blue/Green Patina


Blue/Green Patina is designed for use on copper, brass, bronze, and our MetalGlaze™ metallic glazes. Blue/Green Patina reactions produce all of the various shades of blue & blue/greens that are so familiar with aged copper, brass, and bronze. This solution can be applied directly onto copper, or onto the final, damp coat of one of our MetalGlazes™. On copper alloys, Blue/Green Patina will react to form shades of purple, blue, and turquoise blue/green. When applied to one of our MetalGlazes™, the colors are determined by the glaze being used, though they tend toward a variety of blues and greens. Regardless of the medium being used, colors may be altered with water mists or by subjecting the parts to high humidity for various periods of time. Patination of alloy metals is more an art than a science and is easy to learn with Metal Finish Supply products.

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