Metal Finish Supply, Inc.


Real brass and copper alloy flakes suspended in a thick latex glaze base. Metal Finish Supply's BrassGlaze™ can be applied to almost any porous surface, causing the substrate material to take on the appearance of real brass. Enhance the deception by applying one or more of our patina solutions and beautiful aging effects are the result. In a matter of minutes you can transform wood, plaster casts, ceramic, tile, Styrofoam, fiberglass, cement, almost any porous surface into a work of aged brass art. Artists, designers, decorators and faux finishers love the options available. Because all of our MetalGlazes™ contain real metals, they can be intermixed to create custom colors, and an unlimited range of patinas. Thin with patina to create a colorful wash. Use straight and a wood door becomes brass. Apply a patina solution and transform that plaster cast statue into an antique brass casting. Your imagination is the only limiting factor.

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