Metal Finish Supply, Inc.
Dark BronzeGlaze


Metal Finish Supply's Dark BronzeGlaze™ can be applied to almost any porous surface, causing the substrate material to take on the appearance of very dark bronze. It is usually used as a base coat underneath the BronzeGlaze™. Because all of our MetalGlaze™ products contain real metals, they will also tarnish like real metal. Apply any of our Patina Solutions to produce depth, age, and character with a full range  of patina shades. Artists, designers, decorators and faux finishers love the unlimited options. Thin with Green Patina to create a colorful wash, or use as a wood stain. Mix together one or more of our MetalGlaze™ products and create custom metallic colors. Use straight on light sconces, switch plates or picture frames. Apply Blue/Green Patina and transform that $ cement bird bath into a $$$$$ antique bronze statue.

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