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This formula works on steel and steel alloys to form various shades of colors ranging from blue to black. The finish is similar in appearance to the results of a traditional hot bluing process, but is done at room temperature. Traditional hot bluing requires boiling parts to be finished in a bath of bluing salts for an extended period of time, sometimes hours. The fumes produced, and the temperatures required with this method force most metal finishers to forego this process. With Metal Finish Supply's EasyBlue™, the process is simple and safe. Beautiful blue/black finishes can be created by anyone, safely at room temperature. Simply immerse parts in the EasyBlue™ solution and watch the finish begin to darken. The process can be stopped at any time by removing the part and rinsing with water. This allows the user to create many different intensity levels in various colors along the blue-black range in a matter of seconds.

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