Metal Finish Supply, Inc.


Turn plastic into gold with Metal Finish Supply's GoldGlaze™. GoldGlaze™ can be applied to almost any porous surface to create a golden effect. Because all of our MetalGlaze™ products contain real metals, the fun doesn't stop there. Apply any of our Patina Solutions to produce depth, age, and character with patina shades. Users include signage designers, artists, interior designers, decorators, painters, and faux finishers, to name a few. The uses are limited only by your imagination. Manufacture objects from lightweight, low cost materials, then add perceived value with GoldGlaze™. All of our coatings contain real copper alloy metals and can be intermixed to create custom colors, and an unlimited range of patinas. Choose from CopperGlaze™, BrassGlaze™, GoldGlaze™, BronzeGlaze™, and Dark BronzeGlaze™. Metal Finish Supply's MetalGlaze™ products add a new dimension to almost every project.

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