Metal Finish Supply, Inc.
Rainbow Patina


Rainbow Patina works on copper alloys such as copper, brass, and bronze to produce a luster series of colors in a matter of seconds. The colors progress from light tarnished penny browns towards purples and into a dark near black shade of blue. Unlike our Patina Solutions for copper which patina the metal to green and blue-green hues, Rainbow Patina begins with a natural light brown tarnish progressing through a series of color changes, but stopping short of a full blown blue/green patina. Copper and copper alloys can be darkened or darkened and then burnished for natural antique effects. The longer the part is in contact with the solution, the darker the tarnish. The process can be stopped at any point simply by rinsing the darkened part with water. As a result, the user has the ability to effect multiple shades of brown, purple and blue/black using just one solution.

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