Metal Finish Supply, Inc.

ReactArrest™ is a neutralizing solution designed to neutralize the residual amount of chemical that remains on the metal. After applying one of our steel finishes or patina solutions onto metal, then rinsing the part to remove the excess solution, some of the chemical solution will still remain on the surface of the metal. This must be cannot remain or unsightly fish eyes and white lines and spots will begin to form under the clear top coat. You could remove the residual solution with excessive rinsing, or you may simply use ReactArrest™ neutralizer. This product is especially useful when using our EasyRusts™, EasyPlate™ and EasyTorch™. ReactArrest™ aids in preventing white salt leaching, pealing, rust bleed through and other problems that may periodically occur when using these products. ReactArrest™ is a quick and easy to use tool for your metal finishing tool box.

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